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 The Phi Kappa Phi leadership team—comprised of the board of directors, divisional vice presidents, and council of students—governs Society business between biennial conventions. This committed and accomplished slate of members help guide Phi Kappa Phi's mission "To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others." 

The Society's board of directors consists of 12 members working in conjunction with five elected divisional vice presidents from each of the Society's divisions, and five student vice presidents that comprise the student engagement panel known as the council of students.  

* Please note that members are identified by chapter of affiliation. 


Sandweiss 186x227

Dan Sandweiss, Ph.D.
Society President
University of Maine

Bradley Newcomer 186x227

Bradley Newcomer, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Society National Office, Baton Rouge, LA

To read more about Dr. Dan Sandweiss or Dr. Bradley Newcomer, download a high-res headshot, or request either as a speaker at your event, click here.

National Board of Directors

Sandweiss 133x162

Dan Sandweiss, Ph.D.
Society President
University of Maine

Becker 133x162

Lora Becker, Ph.D.
University of Evansville

hopper_3 186x227

Missy Hopper, Ph.D.
Past President
Mississippi State University

george randels 133x162

George Randels, Ph.D.
Vice President for Chapter Development
University of the Pacific

mahalley allen 133x162

Mahalley Allen, Ph.D., J.D.
California State University, Chico

edina oestreicher 133x162

Edina Oestreicher, M.S.
University of Connecticut

june pilcher 133x162

June Pilcher, Ph.D.
Clemson University

sharhonda rush 133x162

Sharhonda Rush, MBA
Jacksonville University

leslie zenk 133x162

Leslie Zenk, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

christopher neil pritchard 133x162

Christopher "Neil" Pritchard
Graduate Student Representative
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

alyson nguyen 133x162

Aly Nguyen
Undergraduate Student Representative
University of South Alabama

Bradley Newcomer 133x162

Bradley Newcomer, Ph.D.
Executive Director
James Madison University

Divisional Vice Presidents

Kotinek 133x162

Jonathan D. Kotinek, Ph.D.
Division I
Texas A&M University

jamie byrne mccollum 133x162

Jamie Byrne-McCollum, Ph.D.
Division II
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

lesley casarez 133x162

Lesley Casarez, Ph.D.
Division III
Angelo State University

Tulley 133x162

Ron Tulley, Ph.D.
Division IV
University of Findlay

alison gregory 133x162

Alison Gregory
Division V
Marymount University

To view the divisional lists, click here.

Council of Students

Quinn Mahannah Ceilly

Quinn Mahannah Ceilly
State University of New York at Oswego

Caglar Erdogan

Caglar Erdogan
Florida Institute of Technology

Tristan Matthew Hightower

Tristan Matthew Hightower
University of Maryland

Matthew Lee Melton

Matthew Lee Melton
University of Kentucky

Alyson Tudong Nguyen

Alyson Tudong Nguyen
University of South Alabama

Vivian Osei Poku

Vivian Osei Poku
South Dakota State University

Christopher Neil Pritchard

Christopher “Neil” Pritchard
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

To learn more about our council of students, click here.