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Awards & Grants:

Love of Learning Awards help fund post-baccalaureate professional development for active Phi Kappa Phi members to include (but not be limited to): Graduate or professional studies, doctoral dissertations, continuing education, career development, travel related to teaching/research/learning, etc. Recipients of the Fellowship award are not eligible to apply. Two hundred awards, at $500 each, are distributed each year.  We offer two application cycles each year, awarding one hundred winners per cycle. 

The competition is open to all active (dues current) Phi Kappa Phi members who:

  • Have completed their baccalaureate studies by application submission deadline.
  • Have not yet received a Fellowship or Award of Excellence grant.

2016 Session B

Love of Learning Winners

Name Chapter of Initiation
Desiree H. Alexander Nicholls State University
Taleb Hussein Al-theanat University of Bridgeport
Emily Anderson Oregon State University
Jason Arledge The University of Mississippi
Sarah E. Austin Colorado State University
Carissa Ball Illinois Wesleyan University
Ryan Barrett Brigham Young University
Makayla Janel Bradford San Diego State University
Stephen W. Canady East Carolina University
Audrey Carr University of Massachusetts
Juan Castro University of South Florida
Jayne Catlos Youngstown State University
Kirsten Christensen The College of New Jersey
Patrick C. Conlon University of Arizona
Amber M. Coss Eastern Kentucky University
Ramin Dabirian The University of Tulsa
Carrie Danielson Florida State University
LaNesha DeBardelaben University of Missouri-St Louis
S. Benjamin Doty University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Kimberly Elmore Texas Tech University
Sara J. English Winthrop University
Mary Fortson-Harwell Kennesaw State University
Farnaz Fouladi North Dakota State University
Nikaela Frederick University of Georgia
Kasia Gallo Mississippi State University
Mary Elizabeth Gasson Columbus State University
Laura Hanna Valdosta State University
Rachael Hardison The Ohio State University
Kaisa G. Holloway Cripps University of Maryland University College
Elizabeth W. Hyde North Carolina State University
Robert C. Intrieri Western Illinois University
Austin Jacobs Morehead State University
Maureen Johnson Texas Woman's University
Amber Jurgensen Louisiana Tech University
Jyoti Saini North Dakota State University
Fataneh Karandish North Dakota State University
Nicholas Keeling The University of Mississippi
Jaime Sharer Kilburg Eastern Michigan University
Leslie Koberna Texas Woman's University
Shannon Kuznar Purdue University
Rebecca Lehman Virginia Commonwealth University
Jia-Siang Leong Jacksonville University
Stephen Lippi George Mason University
Wilfrido Martinez The University of Texas at Austin
Page Midyette East Carolina University
Hardik Mody The Ohio State University
Craig J. Morrissey Florida International University
Elizabeth A. Olson University of Utah
Aaron Ostrander Berry College
Juan Pablo Oviedo Robles University of Texas at Dallas
Elizabeth R. Paitel St Norbert College
Michele Papakie Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Anna Parsons Auburn University
Paul Allan Pohto The University of Mississippi
Catherine Purdy Virginia Commonwealth University
Matthias Raess Ball State University
Aaron Ragsdale South Dakota State University
Kaveh Rahimi Virginia Polytech Institute & State University
Natalia Ramirez Campos South Dakota State University
Haley Roenneburg University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Shantell J. Rollle Florida International University
Kaetlin Romberg University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alexander Rospert The University of Findlay
Patricia M. Ryan Texas Tech University
Alyssa Scull The College of New Jersey
Asma Sharafi University of Michigan
Stephanie Shea Texas A & M University
Morgan Smith University of West Florida
Christa Lei Sonido DePaul University
Bryan John J. Subong University of Philippines
Nami Sunami Western Illinois University
Adriana Gabrielle Swancy San Jose State University
Phyllis Renee Theodore Georgia College & State University
Cathy Jane van Lit Murray State University
Cassie Vergason Florida Institute of Technology
Barret M. Wessel University of Maryland, College Park
Megan Wisniewski Pennsylvania State University
Elizabeth Wronko James Madison University
Alisa yang University of Michigan
Chang Yuan North Carolina State University

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