New Member Benefit: Financial Literacy Resources

Marla Elsea
Feb 22, 2022

No matter where you are in life, Phi Kappa Phi is here to help you learn, grow and succeed in all of your endeavors with new financial literacy resources. From starting in college to planning your retirement, we offer tools and advice for smart money management at every step. Our financial banking and investment partners – SoFi and Citizens – as well as resources from LifeLock and fellow members can help you reach your goals today.

Budgeting and Saving – How much should you have in your emergency fund? How do you create a budget? Let SoFi and Citizens help you answer these questions and more with their custom calculators and tools. Learn about realistic plans for managing your money to reach your full potential.

College and Student Loans – As the leading student loan refinancing provider, SoFi offers exclusive offers for our active members including a 0.125% rate discount for student loan refinancing and a bonus of $250 for new student loans. They also provide advice and tips for calculating your total student loan debt and finding ways to pay it off sooner.

Citizens has provided flexible refinance options for more than 40 years and has partnered with the Society to give members and their families the possibility of a principal credit reduction up to $1,000 for an education refinance loan, a 0.50% interest rate reduction, and automatic payment discounts. Plus, you can register today for live financial aid webinars and a $2,500 Citizens Scholarship!

Debt Management – Paying off debt is a major accomplishment. Make sure you understand your options for debt elimination and access assorted tools to determine which approach is best suited for you and your needs.

Home Ownership – From first-time home purchasers to choosing your forever home for retirement, buying a home is an important milestone. SoFi and Citizens offer interest rate calculators, home renovation project estimators, home equity line of credit calculators and more to make your home ownership journey an easy one.

Investing and Wealth Management – Learning how to start investing is the first step on the road toward the future of your dreams. Let our partners help you understand everything from calculating stock profit to planning Roth IRA and 401(k) contributions and more.

Personal Finance and Banking – Make your goals a reality with tools and calculators from SoFi and Citizens to help you decode the language of finance. You can even make an appointment with a financial advisor at no cost.

Society partner LifeLock also provides resources to help you protect yourself and make smart financial choices. Plus, our members can enjoy 35% off their first year of LifeLock membership.

Phi Kappa Phi member Aggie Valenta, a licensed financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, offers a complimentary financial review to all fellow members. She can help you understand your goals and implement a realistic plan for growth.