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Budgeting and Saving


Creating a personal budget can be a challenge, but SoFi has the tools to make it go more smoothly. Click here to learn more about budgeting and goals, plus click the links below for additional help. 

Tools and Calculators

  • Use this calculator to estimate your student loan payment so you can better prepare.
  • You know your credit card's interest rate but may be shocked to see how much it adds to your bill. 
  • Be prepared. How much should be in your emergency fund?


It's time to reach your full potential. Click here for saving and budgeting advice from Citizens, plus use the tools linked below to prepare for your future. 

Tools and Calculators

  • Learn how to be a better saver with these saving solutions.
  • Use this calculator to create a realistic savings plan for today while ensuring you're ready for tomorrow.
  • A budget is an essential tool for managing your money. Build yours today!
  • Learn where your money is going with this home budget analysis tool.