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Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. Seventy-five $1,000 grants are awarded each year.
Applicants do not have to be Society members but must attend an institution with an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter.
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May 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022: Study Abroad program must begin during this time

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You are eligible to apply if you meet ALL of the following:
  • you are an undergraduate attending an institution with an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter;
  • you have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale. 
    *We do NOT round-up - meaning a 3.74 GPA does not qualify; 
  • your study abroad program begins between May 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022;
  • you have applied to or been accepted into an accredited study abroad program before the session deadline and provide a letter of acceptance or a letter confirming your application, on official letterhead, as part of your application.
  • you are not a sitting Phi Kappa Phi board member, divisional vice president, member of the Study Abroad Award committee or Society employee.

 *transcripts are required for each academic institution granting credit hours 

Application Process

You will submit your application through our online portal. You will be required to upload your supplemental materials during the application process. These supplemental materials include a copy of your transcript/s, two letters of recommendation, and an acceptance letter into an accredited study abroad program. Please upload as PDF files to ensure that your materials are accessible. 

We will accept unofficial transcripts as long as your GPA is clearly stated.

If your letter writers prefer to remain confidential, there is an option in the application to send a notification asking your letter writer to upload a letter of recommendation on your behalf.


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