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2017 Book Drive Competition: Stock the Shelf

The Council of Students sponsors an annual Phi Kappa Phi Book Drive Competition. This year's competition introduces a new structure, with two categories being awarded a prize.

Each chapter that participates in the Book Drive Competition will have the option of collecting books or funds to be applied to books or literacy materials. These donations will be given to the organization of the chapter's choosing.

The drives can take place for any length of time between February 1 and April 30, 2017.

The chapters that collect the most books or monetary donations will receive a "Little Free Library" to place at a location of their choice. Little Free Library co-founder and Executive Director Todd Bol has donated two additional Little Free Libraries as prizes! In addition to the two prizes already given—one for the chapter that raises the most monetary donations and one for the chapter that collects the most books—this generous donation will allow Phi Kappa Phi to award another chapter that collects the next highest amount in each category. Winning chapters will also receive $150 to cover the cost of design materials to personalize the library.

An example of a "Little Free Library" can be found at

This project is a great way to promote Phi Kappa Phi on your campus! By participating in the Book Drive Competition, you can help encourage a love of learning and spirit of service within your community.

Please submit the registration form before your book drive begins. When your book drive is finished, submit the book drive completion form along with any pictures from your event to Kay White at



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