Up for Discussion: The Art of Speech

Alyssa Papa
Jul 5, 2022

As we prepare the winter edition of the Phi Kappa Phi Forum, we're asking members to once again contribute their ideas to the theme. We enjoy reading your responses and choosing a sample to share in the print edition of the magazine.

For 2021, the first three editions of Forum centered on the themes of reading, writing and conversation. The winter edition will wrap up the series for the year with a focus on the great art of speech, and we welcome your feedback. Share your response to our question by replying to this discussion in our online member community Link.

What's the best speech you've ever heard, and why did it move you? Forum editor Danny Heitman says one of his favorites is a commencement address by then-First Lady Barbara Bush in which she urged graduates to live for something larger than themselves.

Responses of no more than three or four sentences are recommended, and we look forward to reading your contributions.

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