2021 Fellowship Recipients

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Phi Kappa Phi is proud to present the 2021 Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship recipients. The Society awards two Fellowships of $35,000 each, six at $20,000 each, and 54 of $8,500 each to members entering the first year of graduate or professional study. Each active Phi Kappa Phi chapter may select one candidate from among its local applicants to compete for the Society-wide awards.

1897 Fellow

Kalei Hering cropped

Kalei Hering
Nominating Chapter: United States Military Academy
Graduate Institution: Harvard Medical School

"I am extremely grateful to be a Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship recipient and be recognized alongside individuals of the highest caliber. The best part of Phi Kappa Phi is having a community of other students with different majors passionate about their field of study."  1

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Sherrill Carlson Fellow

Amanda Campbell cropped

Amanda Campbell
Nominating Chapter: University of Memphis
Graduate Institution: Harvard Divinity School at Harvard University

"I look forward to engaging questions of religion, race, and memory in a rich interdisciplinary environment at Harvard Divinity School. Receipt of the Sherrill Carlson Fellowship provides financial freedom to pursue these questions."  2

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Marcus L. Urann Fellows

Anish Chaluvadi cropped

Anish Chaluvadi
Nominating Chapter: Clemson University
Graduate Institution: University of Cambridge

"The Marcus L. Urann Fellowship is an incredible opportunity for me to explore my passion for energy materials in the way that I see fit. Through the support of this fellowship, I will gain new insights and perspectives while also being able to continue important STEM outreach work." 

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Donald De Alwis cropped

Donald De Alwis
Nominating Chapter: University of Maryland, College Park
Graduate Institution: University of Maryland School of Medicine

"This Fellowship gives me the unprecedented opportunity to pursue my passions for medicine and environmentalism without compromise, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity."  

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Hannah Hetzel-Ebben cropped

Hannah Hetzel-Ebben
Nominating Chapter: Florida State University
Graduate Institution: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

"The best part of Phi Kappa Phi is the support for furthering education. From providing a community reaching from the institutional to national level to providing scholarships, Phi Kappa Phi truly takes every measure to support students pursuing a higher education."  3

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Clara Kim cropped

Clara Kim
Nominating Chapter: University of Michigan
Graduate Institution: University of Michigan School of Dentistry

"The best part of Phi Kappa Phi is the number of amazing career enriching opportunities that are readily available. The newsletters and other forms of communication and collaboration have created as sense of community for me, especially during this past year. I love being connected with a broader network of high-achieving, intellectual individuals that value the importance of living a life filled with educational opportunities." 

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Harrison McKinnis cropped

Harrison McKinnis
Nominating Chapter: The University of Mississippi
Graduate Institution: Cornell University

"This support for my continued learning empowers me to better focus on improving my knowledge and skillset for a future career in the energy industry. Thank you to all professors, university staff, professional mentors, and classmates for helping me develop as a student, professional, and lifelong learner."  

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Chloe Todd cropped

Chloe Todd
Nominating Chapter: Texas A&M University
Graduate Institution: Texas A&M University College of Medicine

"I love that Phi Kappa Phi emphasizes learning for the love of learning itself. Other organizations focus on results – titles, volunteer hours, degrees. Phi Kappa Phi fosters those with a passion for learning knowing that the results will naturally follow. Each member is encouraged to explore their interests and use their talents so that they may change in world in ways both big and small, and they are given the network to help them through Phi Kappa Phi."  

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Phi Kappa Phi Fellows

Name Nominating Chapter
Eanas Abutaha The University of Toledo
Bolatito Adeyeri  University of Houston 
Mana B. Afsari  University of Southern California 
Lauren Ailslieger  Kansas State University 
Viviana Angelini 6 University of Maryland, Baltimore Campuses 
Hunter Ty Berry  Berry College 
Megan Bird 4 The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Hanna Bobinger  University of South Alabama 
Brogan Brown  College of Charleston 
Alvaro Carbonero 13 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
Amelia Corona  University of Wisconsin-River Falls 
Martha Dunkelberger  Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania 
Rebekah O. Elliott  Pittsburg State University 
Kaylin Gaudette  University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown 
Binoy George  The University of Texas at Arlington 
Benjamin Racine Gilles  University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 
Evan Harkins  Applicant-at-large 
LeeAnn Hewitt 11 University of Florida 
Katelyn Housler  Longwood University 
Laura Jardine 10 Oklahoma City University 
Ariane Jasmin  University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Aven Jones  University of Georgia 
Nicole Jowett 13 California State University, Long Beach 
Kelsey Keith  Middle Tennessee State University 
Nick Koenig 11 Eastern Kentucky University 
Casey Lauer  Carnegie Mellon University 
Ashley Leonard  Western Kentucky University 
Name Nominating Chapter
Adam Leone Southern Virginia University
Natalie Malluru  The University of Texas at San Antonio 
Tyler Mansfield 9 Brigham Young University 
Aubrey Martin 11 Eastern Michigan University 
Allison Maschhoff  Truman State University 
Katey McCall  Lamar University 
Rita Meraz  Old Dominion University 
Carl Miller 11 Hillsdale College 
Alexis Miranda  The Ohio State University 
Mack Morris  Missouri State University 
Sara R. Newman  Pacific Lutheran University 
Alyssa Maria Payne  Florida Atlantic University 
Brooke Reaves  The University of Texas at Austin 
Alyssa Rivera  California State University, Fresno 
Rachelle Sartori  Ithaca College 
Olivia Sessoms 12 East Carolina University 
Hayley Betty Fitzgerald-Smith 7 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 
Delaney Snead  Virginia Tech 
Emma Stange  The University of Tampa 
Courtney Stephens 11 Marymount University 
Elizabeth Sumiec 8 University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Justine Tarsillo 5 University of Delaware 
Allison Ventrone  Jacksonville University 
Andrew Wei  The University of Texas at Dallas 
Jacob Wolf 13 Western Michigan University 
Justin Young 13 Samford University 
Jason Zhang  University of Alabama At Birmingham 

Named Fellowships

Several of Phi Kappa Phi's Fellowships have been endowed by generous donors. To see a complete list of the Society's named fellowships and the contributors who made them possible, click here.

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