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2022 Study Abroad Recipients

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. A total of 125 $1,000 grants were awarded this year.

Applicants do not have to be Society members but must attend an institution with an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter. Applicants also must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Click here for more information about the award.

2022 Study Abroad Grant Recipients

Name Phi Kappa Phi Chapter
Zachary Abdo  Virginia Tech 
Mikayla Acosta  San Diego State University 
Julia Allwein  The Ohio State University 
Paul Armstrong  University of North Texas 
Mary C. Ballentine  The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina 
Inshira Bediako  The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
Chesney Benson  James Madison University 
Cassidy Blackwell  East Tennessee State University 
Ava Bohn  Clemson University 
Emily Boyer  The Ohio State University 
Sarah Grace Bradford  Clemson University 
Will Brown  South Dakota State University 
Janaki Chandra  Nova Southeastern University 
Amanda Chisholm  Carnegie Mellon University 
Aimee Clesi  University of Florida 
Jenna Cline  University of Missouri 
Yennifer Coca Izquierdo  Berea College 
Nathania Cortes  Berry College 
Lauren Dahler  The Ohio State University 
Jennifer Dam  University of Southern California 
Madison C. Darrell  Nazareth College 
Alyson N. Davenport  University of California-Davis 
Matt DeAmon  Bowling Green State University 
Alayna Dean  University of Florida 
Rayleigh Deaton  University of Kentucky 
Sara Deboer  Ball State University 
Kelly Deng  University of Michigan 
Jen Doucette  Boise State University 
Keetara Douglas  Berea College 
Bridget Ediger  Colorado State University 
Anna Erpenbeck  University of Kentucky 
Chinaza N. Esiaba  University of Alabama At Birmingham 
Abbey Falknor  Miami University 
Grace Fitzgerald  Fordham University 
Noelle Fleek  Western Kentucky University 
Fernanda Flores  The University of Texas at San Antonio 
Ashley Francis  Michigan State University 
Jillian Gray  College of Charleston 
Daniel Griffaton  University of Evansville 
Jael Guest  Middle Tennessee State University 
Emily Hawley  Boise State University 
Jenika Hazelbaker  Kansas State University 
Luke Heine  San Diego State University 
Felicia Helmlinger 1 University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Angela Henle  The University of Alabama 
Sarina Hermanto  The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
Katherine Herndon  University of North Florida 
Erika Hipsky University of Maine 
Christian Hunn  The University of Kansas 
Kara Hutchinson  The University of Alabama 
Reagan Isbell  Texas A&M University 
Grace Jakes  Iowa State University 
Margaret Jenkins  Lycoming College 
Micah Jordan  Clemson University 
Rae Kantzler  University of South Alabama 
Mia Kawamitsu  Iowa State University 
Katelyn Keane  Fordham University 
Esther Kim  University of Georgia 
Justin Kim  University of Georgia 
Cole King  Kansas State University 
Madeline Kronebusch  Virginia Tech 
Jole Laguda  University of Massachusetts 
Christine Le  University of Houston 
Gabrielle Le  University of Houston 
Thomas Leihsing  Kansas State University 
Dimend Little  Middle Tennessee State University 
Gavin Lyness  United States Military Academy 
Carlie MacMillan  James Madison University 
Zoe Maddox  Mississippi State University 
Jessica Marelli  University of California-Davis 
Calli Jon Massengill  East Carolina University 
Taylor McClure  Duquesne University 
Jaron McCully  University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
Rylee McElroy  Pittsburg State University 
Camille McMurtry  University of Michigan 
Sarah Mombaur  Virginia Tech 
Rabria Moore  The University of Mississippi 
Zoe Naylor Middle Tennessee State University
Hannah Nelson  South Dakota State University 
Maura Amelia O'Neill Duquesne University
Vivian Orta  The University of Kansas 
Daniel Evelio Orta  University of Georgia 
Tagalsir Osama  University of Houston 
Swarali Panse  Texas A&M University 
Olivia Parsons  Oklahoma State University 
Anthony Paultanis  The University of Texas at Austin
Megan Peatt  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott  
Meghan Pierce  Western Kentucky University 
Ella Pohlen  Miami University 
Alexa Powell  Nazareth College 
Alyssa Prather   Berry College 
Maria Pugliese  University of North Florida 
Emily Raiff  The Ohio State University 
Maryrose Ramsey  University of Kentucky 
Marcella Reese  South Dakota State University 
Mariana Rios Nava  The University of Alabama 
Taylor Rohleen  University of Florida 
Shezan Samanani  The University of Texas at Austin
Diba Seddighi The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
Angela Shar  University of Central Florida 
Tesia Shi   University of Maryland, College Park 
Carsyn Shirk  Brigham Young University  
Whit Smith  The University of Kansas 
Nicole Snyder-Picon 2  Winthrop University 
Abigail SoRelle
Texas Tech University 
Jennifer Marie Szutowicz Elmhurst University
Morgan Taylor University of Michigan
Eliza J. Thomas  Texas A&M University 
Sophie Truesdale  Portland State University 
Dylan Karl Van Note United States Military Academy 
Hannah Waldt
Pennsylvania State University
Kimberly Wang  The University of Texas at Austin 
Kacy Warne  Miami University 
Stephanie Warnstadt  Iowa State University 
Sarah Westmoreland  Samford University 
Erin White  Nazareth College 
Amiya Williams  Radford University 
Becky Wisdom
Lycoming College 
Mallory Wooldridge  Murray State University 
Reyna Workman  Brigham Young University 
Anna Wrobel
Purdue University 
Emily Zhao  Pennsylvania State University 

Named Study Abroad Grants

Two Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants have been endowed by generous donors. Below are descriptions of the Society's named Study Abroad Grants and the contributors who made them possible:

1 - McKenzie Study Abroad Grant - Established in 2011 from the generosity of past Society president Wendell H. McKenzie, Ph.D. and his wife Georgie McKenzie, the grant will be given annually to a successful applicant from North Carolina State University. Should there not be a successful applicant from North Carolina State University, the funds will be granted to a successful candidate from another Phi Kappa Phi member institution.

2 - Larry Sommers Study Abroad Grant - Former Society president, Larry Sommers of Okemos, Michigan, did not have the opportunity to study abroad as a University of Wisconsin undergraduate in the late 1930’s. His endowed gift to the Society will make such opportunities available for future generations of students to enrich their education.

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