Member Benefit: Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Marla Elsea
Nov 22, 2021

Don't miss your chance to access affordable health insurance through Mercer Marketplace 365+ Individual, powered by GetInsured. As a Society member, you can take advantage of appropriate and affordable healthcare to protect yourself and your family. Enroll now before open enrollment ends on Jan. 15!

Everyone has different health insurance needs, but the GetInsured platform gives you simple answers to all of your questions. Understanding your options for finding an Affordable Care Act compliant health plan will help you make smart decisions and get the best value for your money. As a Phi Kappa Phi member, you can shop and compare plans to find the perfect one to meet your needs, as well as determine if you might be eligible for tax credits.

With the online marketplace, you can specify what you and your family need for healthcare coverage and receive a list of available plans. Each option will be scored for overall suitability, monthly cost, estimated out-of-pocket expenses, services covered and participating doctors. You can feel confident that you have reliable, ACA compliant coverage and avoid potential tax penalties.

If you still need coverage for 2022, if you'd like to see the options available for you and your family, or if you need more information, click here to get started. Questions? Call 844-654-4746 to speak with a GetInsured representative.