An Attitude of Gratitude: Members Share Why They're Thankful

Nov 25, 2019

“The relationship between joy and gratitude was one of the most important things I found in my research,” Phi Kappa Phi member Brené Brown (University of Houston) shared in an interview with Global Leadership Network “Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives.”

Other Society members recently shared what they were thankful for in a discussion in our member-exclusive Link community.

Anastasia Tunstall Fernandez headshotAnastasia Tunstall Fernandez 
The University of Texas at Arlington

“Our home was hit by a tornado during Hurricane Harvey. I am so thankful we were not hurt, and that none of our neighbors were injured.”               

Gustavo Eidji Camarinha Fujiwara headshotGustavo Eidji Camarinha Fujiwara 
The University of Washington

“I am deeply thankful to my family, friends, and mentors who contributed to my education and inspired me to pursue a doctoral degree.”  

Budimka Uskokovic headshotBudimka Uskokovic
The Ohio State University

“I am grateful for the opportunity to complete my Ph.D. degree at The Ohio State University and for all the good professors I have met in my life.”  

Shannon Murphy headshotShannon Murphy
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“I'm grateful for all the opportunities that this year has brought me!  I've reached a lot of my goals, and I'm grateful that I got those chances to better myself this year!”   

Ashely Farrow headshotAshley Farrow 
The University of Kansas

“This community has consistently been pushing me forward towards my goals. I could not be more thankful for this society and all the opportunities that come with it.” 

Tahereh Granpayehvaghei headshotTahereh Granpayehvaghei 
The University of Texas at Arlington

“I surely am grateful for my health, my loved ones' health and happiness, and also the beauties of life!” 

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