Forum Features: Stewardship

Alyssa Papa
Mar 26, 2024

The latest edition of the Phi Kappa Phi Forum will be arriving in your mailbox soon. Our themes for each Forum issue in 2024 will focus on basic cornerstones of civic engagement, with the spring edition's theme being "Stewardship". The featured stories, regular columnists, and even our custom crossword puzzle will all dive deeper into that idea.

The feature articles discuss:

A Legacy of Land – Thanks to a chance meeting, CBS journalist Martha Teichner got the opportunity to preserve the woods of her childhood for future generations.

A Steward of History – In leading the Smithsonian, Lonnie Bunch III helps America and the world remember the story of one country’s long journey toward its ideals.

Keeping Watch – In his years in the classroom, writer and teacher Kim Stafford summons his students to be stewards of words.

Flying High - For inaugural Mary Todd Sabbatical Award winner Bill Bowerman, researching eagle health is a window into the larger health of the planet.

The Bright Idea of Stewardship - For writer Jane Brox, caring for the future might mean looking beyond what we can easily claim as our own.

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