Extend the Conversation: Conversations with Nature

Blair Burrell
Dec 1, 2022


In our Fall 2022 Forum issue, writer Kim Haines-Eitzen argues that landscapes have much to tell us if we take the time to listen to what they might say. She recalls her visits to the Judean desert, which were anything but quiet and informed her insights into how such landscapes shaped monastic cultures. If you missed Haines-Eitzen's story, you can read it here.

What's a favorite landscape for you to visit and get in touch with the world's news? For Forum editor Danny Heitman, it's a small neighborhood park not far from his house. Even on an ostensibly quiet winter day, he can usually hear plenty, including the birds in the trees and squirrels foraging the ground. 

Extend the conversation and share about a landscape that fills your ears as well as your eyes with beauty. Let us know, and feel free to share pictures, too!

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