Travel Tales: Lance Anenson

Aug 18, 2020

LanceThough international travel may not look quite the same this year, the opportunity to study abroad is still a dream for many students. With the support of Phi Kappa Phi, Lance Anenson, a past Study Abroad Grant recipient, was able to make that dream a reality in the spring of 2019, and shared his adventures in Spain with us.

“For four weeks, I studied in Spain and completed a course which explored how the immigration, local history, and global crossings of Spain have affected the diversity of Madrid and shaped it into the cultural melting pot that the city has become," he said. "I attended various lectures by historians and professors, completed walking tours throughout Spain, and presented art at the Prado museum to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the history and culture of the country."

Looking back on his experience, Anenson realized the impact it had on his education. "By visiting different buildings across Andalusia, I was able to see how different cultures influenced architecture and art when they were in power throughout the history of the Iberian Peninsula. I lived with a host family for three weeks in Madrid, and by speaking Spanish with natives each day, and I significantly improved my speaking and comprehension skills."

Phi Kappa Phi awards nearly $1 million each year to outstanding students, professionals, chapters and institutions and offers a diverse award portfolio to support members throughout their educations and careers. Anenson encourages others to apply for Society awards. "I feel very blessed to have received [the grant]. The application process was clear and straightforward, and it was definitely worth the time it took to complete."

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