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The following online extras accompany the print version of the fall 2018 edition of the â€‹Forum, the theme of which is Identity.

"A Fight Over Identity: Native American Sports Mascots" by Kelly Young

1 Mark Naymik, “Watch Indians Fans Go Off On Chief Wahoo Protesters,”, April 11, 2017,

2 Sam Allard, “Why Chief Wahoo is Still Grinning: Protests Against the Cleveland Indians’ Racist, Red-Faced Caricature Never Work. They Just Make its Supporters Stronger,” Slate, Oct. 28, 2016,

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10 King and Springwood, 3. As Robert F. Berkhofter argues, these representations are Euro-American constructions that have little grounding in real Native American and indigenous identities. See The White Man’s Indian (New York: Vintage Books, 1979).

11 Several excellent and recent books make this very argument. For example, see James V. Fenelon, Redskins? Sports, Mascots, Indian Nations, and White Racism (New York: Routledge, 2016) and King, Redskins.

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