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Planned Giving

A "planned gift" is easily defined as any gift given for any amount, given for any purpose, whether for current or deferred use, that requires the assistance of a professional person, a qualified volunteer, or the donor's advisors to complete. In addition, it includes any gift that is carefully considered by a donor in light of estate and financial plans. Such gifts can be as simple as a bequest made through a codicil to one's will or as involved as a charitable lead or remainder trust. All can be designated to a specific program or activity.


To make the process of planned giving easy, Phi Kappa Phi has invested in FreeWill: a free
online estate planning resource
. This tool helps you write your estate plan and include a planned gift of any amount to Phi Kappa Phi, all in about 20 minutes from your computer.


FreeWill can also help you donate non-probate assets that aren’t covered by your will, like a 401(k), traditional IRA, or life insurance policy. Click here to name beneficiaries to all your non-probate assets using FreeWill’s Beneficiaries Tool.

Outside Bequests

If you have already included Phi Kappa Phi in your estate plans, please complete this form to let us know. Recording your gift helps us steward your gift, express our thanks, and invite you to the Marcus Urann Society.

The Marcus Urann Society

All who provide for The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi through a planned gift, whether revocable or irrevocable, will be members of a group named for Marcus Urann, who, as a student at the University of Maine, founded in 1897 what became Phi Kappa Phi. Each will receive a specially framed certificate, be acknowledged in Society publications, and be accorded permanent recognition at Phi Kappa Phi's national office.

For more information on making a planned gift to Phi Kappa Phi, contact Chief Financial Officer, Brad Jewell at