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Explanation of Dues

National Membership Dues

National annual or national life dues are required to maintain active membership and receive access to member benefits and resources.

New Initiates

Initiation fees consist of national fees and chapter fees. National initiation fees cover the membership certificate, official Phi Kappa Phi pin, and national membership dues. National fees are $77 for one year of membership, $110 for two years, $145 for three years or $535 for a lifetime membership. Chapter initiation fees vary and go directly to the chapter to cover the initiation ceremony, local events or chapter-sponsored award programs.

Renewing Members

National membership is required to be an active member and have access to member benefits. The annual renewal fee is $42, and discounted rates are available if you extend your membership for multiple years—$75 for a two-year membership and $110 for a three-year membership.

Life Membership

Life membership is available so you can enjoy the full benefits of active membership without ever having to renew. The national life membership fee is $500 for renewing members. A senior life membership option is available to members aged 60 and older for $400.

Chapter Fees

National membership fees are separate from local chapter fees. Chapter fees, which vary and go directly to the chapter, cover the cost of local events, programs and awards. For more information about chapter fees, contact your local chapter.