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Member Testimonials

Phi Kappa Phi membership provides the opportunity for members to access exclusive benefits and resources designed to serve members throughout their academic and professional lives.  

From academic recognition to awards totaling more than $1 million each year to exclusive discounts from more than 30 corporate partners, members enjoy the benefits of accepting Phi Kappa Phi membership in many ways.

Read what our members have to say about their involvement with Phi Kappa Phi below.

Member Testimonials

I really enjoy using the benefits that come with the Phi Kappa Phi membership e.g. the discounted hotel price gave me extra money on my business trip in Downtown Houston.
- Christopher Fuller, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, Member since 2011

Phi Kappa Phi provides opportunities for students to pursue their ‘love of learning’ no matter the discipline, allowing for a rich conglomerate of knowledge within the society.
- Jared Smith, Clarkson University, Member since 2012

I would also like to thank the selection committee for selecting me as one of the recipients of this year's very competitive Love of Learning Award, as well as The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi for developing such a wonderful award. Awards of this type are quite rare, and I feel that Phi Kappa Phi truly has its members interests at the forefront of all they do. I feel very honored to have been selected as one of the 50 recipients of this award.
- David Flannigan, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Member since 2000

I think that being a part of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society has really enriched my undergraduate experience, and helped my application become that much stronger as I was applying for the Fulbright grant.
- Shaina Hyder, Florida State University, Member since 2010

My past membership in PKP recently gave me a great advantage when applying for postdocs. It was great! That's why I thought I should definitely renew it.
- Simone, University of South Florida, Member since 2001

Merit is a great way of letting other Phi Kappa Phi members—and potential employers—know what makes you stand out! I'm glad I get to share my activities and interests with other members so easily.
- Allison Epstein, University of Michigan, Member since 2013

I feel that the Phi Kappa Phi organization truly has its members interests at the forefront of all they do.
- David Flannigan, University of Minnesota, Member since 2000

I think this [Love of Learning Awards] is a wonderful program and even though it is a new one, I'm sure it will become a fixture of Phi Kappa Phi.  It's nice to see some opportunities for alumnae to inspire them to keep on moving with personal and professional's hard when you are working full time to keep those embers of intellectual curiosity burning when the 9-5 world comes calling.
- Abby Sabo, Miami University, Member since 2000

I attended the TeleSalon [on advancing your career despite challenging times], and I was very impressed with the event. The call-in number worked well and was clear. Randy Siegel's presentation was clearly organized and included many useful ideas. Thank you for providing an MP3 of the TeleSalon. I am looking forward to more events like this one.
- Tim Amert, South Dakota State University, Member since 1982

I'm the person who called the other day asking about ordering from Apple Computer. I just wanted to follow up and tell you that everything worked out perfectly. The computer arrived and I was able to file for the printer rebate. Thanks for your help and thanks for making Apple a benefit partner. For a long time Apple user like me, this PKP benefit is wonderful.
- Andrew Kersten, University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, Member since 2005

This is such a great opportunity! If I hadn't just signed a contract for a summer internship with another organization I'd be revamping my resume right now. I had no idea that joining Phi Kappa Phi would result in opportunities like this when I signed up.
- Katy Manning, University of Houston-Downtown, Member since 2011

I like how Phi Kappa Phi supports connections between students and professionals that share the common goal of improving themselves and their communities. Phi Kappa Phi provides all of the resources necessary to make these goals real.
- Audra Iness, California State University-Fresno, Member since 2011

I felt so honored to be inducted into Phi Kappa Phi eight years ago, and I feel ceaselessly honored to be a part of such a wonderfully generous and highly esteemed society.
- Erin Ganaway, Georgia State University, Member since 2000

The best part of Phi Kappa Phi is not only acknowledging the efforts of students worldwide, but more importantly providing resources that accompany students in their quest to accomplish their career goals. It is truly a blessing.
- Phylicia Hammonds, Mercer University, Member since 2013

I'm returning to my roots, digging my way back into academia, and renewing my membership is one small step in the process.
- Ilse Nusbaum, University of Michigan, Member since 1956

I used the Dell Discount (on an ink cartridge) and the AT&T Discount (for my cell phone) and they are helping me through these difficult times.
- Shazzae Buford, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Member since 2009

Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is recognition of an individual's academic achievements. It is a wonderful honor to receive and for that reason alone we are delighted that the University of Michigan chapter is active again. Equally important, I think, are the opportunities for life-long learning, service, and connections with others that Phi Kappa Phi provides. I am confident UM members will benefit from and make important contributions to Phi Kappa Phi in the years to come.
- Teresa Sullivan, Ph.D., Michigan State University, Member since 1970

Throughout my membership in Phi Kappa Phi, the moral and financial support I have received from the national headquarters, as well as my local chapter, has served as an inspiration for me to do my best in all areas of life and to be compassionate to others. In the week before graduation, I was concerned that I would not be able to afford the Phi Kappa Phi academic regalia to display with my cap and gown. But after inquiring about potential discounts, my local chapter advisor surprised me by dropping off a beautiful Phi Kappa Phi pin and matching blue and yellow cords in my mailbox, with a kind note telling me to keep up the good work and enjoy the gifts. This benevolent and thoughtful treatment by Phi Kappa Phi has been something to which I have become accustomed. I will never forget this organization’s amicable actions that have made higher education a tangible and pleasant reality.

I am ever thankful to be a Phi Kappa Phi member and to be granted the awards and opportunities that they munificently afford.
- Pam Stockwell, University of Oklahoma, Member since 2008