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Member Testimonials

Phi Kappa Phi membership provides the opportunity for members to access exclusive benefits and resources designed to serve members throughout their academic and professional lives.  

From academic recognition to awards totaling more than $1 million each year to exclusive discounts from more than 30 corporate partners, members enjoy the benefits of accepting Phi Kappa Phi membership in many ways.

Read what our members have to say about their involvement with Phi Kappa Phi below.

Member Testimonials

I think the best part of Phi Kappa Phi is that it truly cares about the success of its members and offers multiple opportunities to ensure that success. It acknowledges and rewards its members' accomplishments as well as encourages them to strive for more.
-Jennifer Bentz, Berea College, Member since 2017

The fervent and unwavering dedication to honoring academic excellence across all disciplines is, in my humble opinion, what makes Phi Kappa Phi stand out. Not many organizations would continue to hold true to such an unbiased and broad mission, while upholding its accreditation. On the day of graduation, I will be extremely proud to wear the Phi Kappa Phi regalia.
- Thomas Herbst, Missouri University of Science, Member since 2010

Phi Kappa Phi is truly an honor society that seeks to aid its members in reaching their academic and career goals. This Graduate Research Grant will alleviate some of the financial costs associated with conducting the archaeological fieldwork necessary for me to complete my dissertation. I am now one step closer to receiving my Ph.D. and am incredibly excited to see what the future holds, all thanks to this grant.
- Emily Schumacher, The University of Tulsa, Member since 2015

(best part of Phi Kappa Phi) …Connecting with and learning about groups and individuals who support literacy in communities near and far.
- Terry Atkinson, East Carolina University, Member since 2017

Phi Kappa Phi has given me the chance to connect and explore higher education in ways I could have never imagined. I come from a family that had very little education. PKP has always been there to support my pursuit of academic and professional achievement.
- Christina Lanier, The University of Texas at Dallas, Member since 2016

First, being invited to and joining Phi Kappa Phi made me feel proud of my life and accomplishments, and at an early age. I needed and appreciated that "boost" for sure. Second, I like having an online profile and an expert "speaker" profile specifically, on the Phi Kappa Phi website. Third, the member perks are terrific and I thank Phi Kappa Phi for those. I use the Geico and Office Max/Office Depot discounts and they help a lot (plus, my PKP coffee mug is The Best - I'm using it right now!).
-Carolyn Appleton, The University of Texas at Austin, Member since 1985

Having a lifetime of service, I am very proud to receive the Service Award. Being recognized by such a prestigious organization, it brings such service to the forefront and serves as an inspiration to others to carry on and make having a servant heart something to which to be truly proud.
- Lyn Hagan, The University of Southern Mississippi, Member since 1994

Phi Kappa Phi has been there to foster a community of devoted learners, from support via awards to providing a networking platform of amazing students and professionals.
- Kaylin Schirmer, San Jose State University, Member since 2018

In times of increased crisis like this, the existence of an award that allows professionals to continue to renew their commitment to learn, grow and serve is very much needed. I’m grateful for being selected as this award will help me to continue to focus on my studies around nonviolent communication, dialogue, collaboration, and social justice.
- Vanessa Alonso, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Member since 2019

Phi Kappa Phi's dedication to improving health literacy globally is commendable and will improve health knowledge and health outcomes among vulnerable populations.
- Shelby Garner, Texas Woman’s University, Member since 2011

Phi Kappa Phi's support of community organizations and programming that directly impacts the growth and development of our next generation of productive citizens is appreciated.
- Victor Mack, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Member since 2003

The best part about Phi Kappa Phi is the support system they have for their members. The benefits of becoming a member, the member spotlights they publish, and the opportunity to be awarded fellowships and grants for continuing your education and/or research encourage you to strive for greatness with an honor society that has your back.
- Emma Stange, The University of Tampa, Member since 2019

The resources, both financial and personal, that Phi Kappa Phi offers for continuing education are invaluable.
- Kelsey Keith, Middle Tennessee State University, Member since 2020

The Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society is a community of thinkers and doers. The support I’ve had access to since my initiation has been phenomenal and humbling. One of my favorite aspects of Phi Kappa Phi is the professionalization trainings offered in-person at my university as well as virtually since the pandemic. It is comforting having a resource to ask professional and academic questions.
- Molly Miranker, Texas State University, Member since 2019

I'm returning to my roots, digging my way back into academia, and renewing my membership is one small step in the process.
- Ilse Nusbaum, University of Michigan, Member since 1956

I used the Dell Discount (on an ink cartridge) and the AT&T Discount (for my cell phone) and they are helping me through these difficult times.
- Shazzae Buford, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Member since 2009

Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is recognition of an individual's academic achievements. It is a wonderful honor to receive and for that reason alone we are delighted that the University of Michigan chapter is active again. Equally important, I think, are the opportunities for life-long learning, service, and connections with others that Phi Kappa Phi provides. I am confident UM members will benefit from and make important contributions to Phi Kappa Phi in the years to come.
- Teresa Sullivan, Ph.D., Michigan State University, Member since 1970

Throughout my membership in Phi Kappa Phi, the moral and financial support I have received from the national headquarters, as well as my local chapter, has served as an inspiration for me to do my best in all areas of life and to be compassionate to others. In the week before graduation, I was concerned that I would not be able to afford the Phi Kappa Phi academic regalia to display with my cap and gown. But after inquiring about potential discounts, my local chapter advisor surprised me by dropping off a beautiful Phi Kappa Phi pin and matching blue and yellow cords in my mailbox, with a kind note telling me to keep up the good work and enjoy the gifts. This benevolent and thoughtful treatment by Phi Kappa Phi has been something to which I have become accustomed. I will never forget this organization’s amicable actions that have made higher education a tangible and pleasant reality.

I am ever thankful to be a Phi Kappa Phi member and to be granted the awards and opportunities that they munificently afford.
- Pam Stockwell, University of Oklahoma, Member since 2008