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The Phi Kappa Phi logo is one of the most valuable elements of the Society's brand. When reproducing the logo, please adhere to the spacing and color guidelines detailed below. If you are ever in doubt about proper logo usage, please contact us for assistance.


The full-color Phi Kappa Phi logo appears in two Pantone colors: Pantone® 873 and Pantone® 540 along with white. Other logo variations including grayscale, black and white and reversed are available for download and print use. The Society logo should never be printed in another color other than those provided by the national office.


To ensure legibility, the Phi Kappa Phi logo should always be surrounded by sufficient "white space" along all sides of the logo. The standard rule is a minimum amount of space equal to the “K” in the logo. Type and objects should not invade this space.

Logo placement


Phi Kappa Phi has four variants of its logo including a primary, secondary, circle and stacked logo. The variations of the logo provide flexibility for different spaces, printing options and background colors. The Phi Kappa Phi logo should not be modified or altered or used in any other format than those provided below.

Primary Logo

Whenever possible, use the primary logo. In situations where the primary logo will not fit, an alternative logo may be used.

Click here to download the primary logo.

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo variation provides flexibility for varying design needs.

Click here to download the secondary logo.

Circle Logo

The circle logo should be used in communications where space is limited. Such applications include social media and digital marketing opportunities.

Click here to download the circle logo.

Stacked Logo

The stacked logo can be used when space is limited or when the logo must be placed in a grouping of other logos.

Click here to download the stacked logo.

If you need a file type that has not been provided, please contact Alyssa Papa.

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi materials are for the express use of the Society and its members, officers and chapters and should be used in accordance with the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Phi Kappa Phi images, logo, name, and publications are protected by trademark and copyright laws.