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National Office Staff List

General Information

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
7576 Goodwood Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

800-804-9880 or 225-388-4917
225-388-4900 fax

Department Listing


Bradley Newcomer, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, 800-804-9880, ext. 221


Kelli Partin, Director of Awards, 800-804-9880, ext. 235

Chapter Development

Jami Prince, Ed.D., Director of Chapter Development, 800-804-9880, ext. 236

Camila Varnado, Enrollment Manager, 800-804-9880, ext. 224

Chip White, Assistant Director of Chapter Development, 800-804-9880, ext. 212

Kay White, DMA, Assistant Director of Chapter Development, 800-804-9880, ext. 220

Unsure about which representative to contact? Click here for the Chapter Contact Map.

Development and Fundraising

Elizabeth Kline, Director of Development, 800-804-9880, ext. 227


Brad Jewell, CPA, MPA, CAP, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, 800-804-9880, ext. 214

Kaitlyn Childress, Member Records and Accounts Receivable Manager, 800-804-9880, ext. 211

Stephanie Ferguson, Accountant, 800-804-9880, ext. 223

Karen Styron, Director of Finance/Controller, 800-804-9880, ext. 216

Information Systems

Anita Joshi, Director of IT, 800-804-9880, ext. 226

Marketing & Publications

Traci Navarre, CAE, Chief Operating Officer, 800-804-9880, ext. 222

Jamie Chapman, CAE, Director of Membership, 800-804-9880, ext. 217

Danny Heitman, Editor, Phi Kappa Phi Forum, 800-804-9880, ext. 242

Alyssa Papa, Director of Communications, 800-804-9880, ext. 218

Kelli Partin, Director of Awards, 800-804-9880, ext. 235


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