Mastering Tax Season: Exclusive Discounts for Phi Kappa Phi Members!

Jamie Chapman
Mar 5, 2024

Tax season can be overwhelming, but with exclusive discounts from Phi Kappa Phi partners, you can easily navigate it. Whether safeguarding your important documents or protecting your identity, our partners offer valuable solutions.

Backup with Carbonite
Backing up your tax information and financial documents is crucial. Carbonite provides secure, automatic cloud backup for your irreplaceable files, accessible from any device. As a Phi Kappa Phi member, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all subscriptions. Plus, try Carbonite free for 15 days! Visit and use promo code PHIKPOFFER10.

Protect your taxes with LifeLock
Identity theft during tax season is a real threat. LifeLock offers comprehensive identity theft protection, ensuring you can confidently file your taxes. Phi Kappa Phi members save 35% on their first year of membership. Click here to sign up and stay secure this tax season.

Organize with Franklin Planner
Preparing for tax season involves organization. Franklin Planner offers tools like auto mileage logs and financial planning packs to streamline your process. Enjoy a 15% discount with code PKPMember at

Secure Supplies from ODP
From tax forms to shredders, ODP, formerly Office Depot, covers all your tax preparation needs, and Phi Kappa Phi members save up to 75%. Visit to access these savings.

By leveraging these partnerships, Phi Kappa Phi members can tackle tax season confidently and efficiently. Don't let the stress of taxes weigh you down – take advantage of these exclusive discounts today!

To learn more about all the savings available through the Society’s partners, visit