From the Executive Director: Generosity Sustains Phi Kappa Phi’s Mission

Bradley R. Newcomer
Dec 22, 2023

For many of us, the centerpiece of winter is the holiday season, a time when friends and loved ones exchange gifts to celebrate the ideals of generosity that bind us together.

The best part of serving as executive director and CEO of Phi Kappa Phi’s national office is that I get to witness many acts of generosity throughout the year.

That selflessness is evident in the volunteers I meet at chapter events across our membership – the leaders who support and operate Phi Kappa Phi at the grassroots level. They will always be the backbone of our Society, and I cannot thank them enough for the work they do in initiating new members and keeping them engaged.

That volunteer spirit extends to our National Board of Directors, divisional vice presidents, and Council of Students. Members who hold these critical positions serve without pay in roles that draw heavily on their energy, talents, and insights. Phi Kappa Phi’s important work would be impossible without their engagement, and I am deeply grateful for their willingness to be involved.

Phi Kappa Phi also gets vital support from members like you throughout the world. That was underscored this year when we launched our new Benefactor program, which allows our donors to become more deeply engaged with the Society’s mission. I’m thrilled by the many members who answered the call to become Benefactors, and I’m excited about future growth for our Benefactor community in 2024. I’m also confident that the vision embraced by our early Benefactor donors will inspire many other stakeholders to get involved. You can find information on many giving opportunities within the Society, including the Benefactor program, at

The members with whom I connect consistently tell me that when they give of their time, talents, and resources to Phi Kappa Phi, they feel that they get much in return. It’s a simple truth we rediscover each holiday season, when giving can be as joyful as receiving. Luckily, there are ways for all of us in the Phi Kappa Phi community to give back in 2024.

Maintaining your active membership in Phi Kappa Phi is a great first step. It’s easy to do through our website,

Secondly, if you haven’t done so, consider reaching out to your local chapter of Phi Kappa Phi and offering your services as a volunteer. Information on finding or starting a chapter is also available on our website.

In early 2024, we’ll be issuing our usual call for nominations for Phi Kappa Phi’s divisional vice president positions and membership on our National Board of Directors. Later in the new year, we’ll issue a call for those who might be interested in service on one of the Society’s various national committees. Please feel free to reach me at if you or a fellow member you know might be interested in such service. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

I wish all of you a safe, happy, and productive 2024. I’m always happy to hear from you at with any other questions or suggestions for Phi Kappa Phi.