Up for Discussion: Who’s the Best Teacher You’ve Ever Had, and Why?

Blair Burrell
May 8, 2023

With this month’s observance of National Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrated across the country from May 8-12, many of us have been reminded of teachers who made a big difference in our lives.

Who’s the best teacher you ever had, and why? We’d love to get your responses, and we’ll plan to include a sampling in the autumn issue of Forum. It’s all part of “Up for Discussion,” a regular Forum feature in which members share their views on a fun question we can all enjoy. 

“I've been lucky to have many great teachers, but one that comes to mind is Blanche Kevlin, my freshman algebra teacher. She taught equations as a way of teaching life, helping us understand that most problems, approached methodically, could be solved with enough care and hard work. It's a lesson I've applied to many other aspects of my life,” said Danny Heitman, Forum editor.

Share stories about your own favorite teacher by replying to this discussion in our online member community, Link. Responses of no more than three or four sentences are recommended, and we look forward to reading your contributions.

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