Travel Tales: Jessica Marelli

Blair Burrell
Mar 13, 2023

Phi Kappa Phi’s Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduate students, members, or non-members, as they gain experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. One hundred twenty-five $1,000 grants are awarded each year. With the help of a grant in 2022, Jessica Marelli, from University of California-Davis, was able to travel to Thailand to study Microbiology.

Jessica's program was an unforgettable experience as she was fully immersed in the Thai culture. As part of the microbiology lab, they took field trips to the local markets to collect samples to be cultured and analyzed, as well as excursions to the Grand Palace, ancient capital of Ayutthaya, the Palace of Bang Pa in Wat Pho, and more.

Her days were filled with learning and adventures. “One of the most special parts of this program was taking a 6-day excursion to the provinces of Krabi and Phuket where we enjoyed sea kayaking, snorkeling, walks in the jungle, local temples, and architectural heritage sites,” shared Marelli.

Marelli shared what it was like to receive the award saying, “I am so grateful to have been able to experience Thai culture, temples, and expand my palate by trying many types of Thai cuisine.”  She noted that it was an incredible, rewarding experience and added, “It was a life-changing experience in which I got the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in health-related microbiology and infectious diseases!"

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