Volunteer Spotlight: Emilie Brown

Marla Elsea
Apr 19, 2022

As an organization built and sustained by a network of volunteers, Phi Kappa Phi is excited to celebrate National Volunteer Week by shining a spotlight on their great work. The week, held annually on the third week of April, is an opportunity to recognize their impact on the Society, their school campuses and the world at large.

Emilie Brown serves as the chapter president at Youngstown State University and is one of the many Society volunteers who serve as board members, committee members and chapter officers on more than 300 campuses across the United States, its territories and the Philippines. Their commitment, service and hard work supports our mission of recognizing and promoting academic excellence in all fields of higher education.

Brown has been a member of Phi Kappa Phi since 2005 and has served as an officer with the YSU chapter since 2012. Though her mentor and the Society benefits convinced her to join, other chapter officers were who encouraged her to become active as a volunteer. "My first involvement with an initiation ceremony after my own was actually filling in for a committee member who couldn't attend the ceremony and asked me to take her place," said Brown. "I've attended every induction since!"

For Brown, the rewards of serving as a volunteer have come from the support the chapter has been able to offer the students. "I am proud of our chapter's long and active history on our campus and even more proud of the thousands of dollars in local scholarships we have awarded to our students. Recognizing excellence and supporting deserving students is most rewarding to me. I also truly appreciate the other Board members and having the opportunity, through our chapter, to work with faculty, staff, and students across campus that I might not otherwise interact with."

Whether she's helping with initiations, scholarships or chapter events, Brown finds inspiration in many ways through her service and encourages others to do the same. "The return on your commitment to volunteer with Phi Kappa Phi is worth the investment. Especially with an organization like Phi Kappa Phi, dedicated to honoring the love of learning and service to the community, you can't help but feel like you are part of a very special organization," she said.

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