Vote Now! Graduation Photo Contest

Alyssa Perez
Feb 8, 2021
Thank you to all who submitted photos to the 2020 Fall Graduation Photo Contest! We received more than 140 submissions of Phi Kappa Phi members proudly wearing Society recognition apparel on their big day.

The competition was top of the line, but after much deliberation the Phi Kappa Phi staff members narrowed the field to 10 outstanding entries. Now we need your help to pick the winners! 

Click here to vote now! (Please note the system limits entries to one vote per device/IP address. If you are on a shared network—such as a university or office—it is best to vote via a mobile device or tablet not connected to Wi-Fi.)

Voting closes Monday, Feb. 22 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. The top three winning entries will receive an Amazon gift card and appear in various Society marketing and promotional materials. For the full list of contest rules, click here.