Extend the Conversation: The Joy of Rereading

Marla Elsea
Jan 14, 2021

In our Winter 2020 issue of Forum, which explores the theme of hindsight, literary commentator and former bookseller James Mustich reflects on the joys of rereading the Nero Wolfe detective novels written by Rex Stout. When he returns, yet again, to his beloved novels, he notes, "While some volumes may be more meaningful or informative or inspiring or treasured, can any be more comforting to someone whose livelihood has been shaped by books than the ones that have most easily reminded him, night after night for years and years, that he just loves to read?" If you missed Mustich's essay, you can read it here.

What books have you enjoyed rereading? Do you keep copies of your favorites that are worn from your repeated returns just for the comfort of having them around? How did the book seem different to you the second time around?

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