Don’t Miss This Award Opportunity!

Jun 10, 2020

You’ve got big plans on the horizon but could use a little financial help bringing those goals to fruition. We understand. Let us help with a Love of Learning Award!

Two hundred awards, at $500 each, will be distributed to active Phi Kappa Phi members to help fund post-baccalaureate studies and/or career development including graduate or professional studies, conferences, doctoral dissertations, continuing education, travel related to teaching/studies, textbooks and more. The deadline to submit applications is June 30.

Learn from past recipients about how the award helped them further their academic and professional careers. 

Katherine Dodson croppedKatherine Dodson
Campbell University

“Phi Kappa Phi's Love of Learning Award is just another opportunity for this honors society to pour into its members by supporting their futures, their goals, and their dreams in a tangible way. It is the greatest honor to receive this award from such a high caliber organization.”

Melania Fernandez croppedMelania Fernandez
Texas Tech University

“The Love of Learning Award is more than just an award. It is a reminder that there are people and organizations out there that care to understand who you are, what your professional potential is and what you are capable of achieving. Grad school can be a lonely place, and this type of recognition helps us keep pushing for our dreams!”

Stephanie Shea croppedStephanie Shea
The University of Texas at Austin

“I am grateful to have received a Love of Learning Award from Phi Kappa Phi. The funds helped with textbooks and outside resources to supplement my education and help me succeed in school. It’s a wonderful and generous gift from Phi Kappa Phi that I deeply appreciate.”

Nina Singh croppedNina Singh
University of Southern California

“As a first-year medical student at NYU School of Medicine, this award has helped fund my medical equipment and study materials. I am very grateful to Phi Kappa Phi for supporting my medical education and would encourage anyone interested in the Love of Learning Award to definitely apply.”

For more information, check out the FAQs and Love of Learning fact sheet. Ready to apply? Click here!

If you have additional questions, contact Kelli Partin, awards manager, at