Promote Your Chapter on Campus

Sep 19, 2019
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The most successful chapters are often the ones whose members take the time to promote visibility on campus. Both members and chapter officers alike can bring attention to Phi Kappa Phi and share with others all the benefits of membership.

Do you already participate in campus visibility initiatives? Visit our member-exclusive Link community to share ideas to grow your chapters and get members involved.

Looking for ways you can help? Try one of these:

How have other chapters promoted visibility? Read more about each in the links.

  • Florida Institute of Technology held a reception for Phi Kappa Phi’s Scholar, Morton Ann Gernsbacher.
  • Louisiana State University hosts an annual Evening with Great Authors.
  • Many chapters hold annual book drives.
  • Marshall University publishes a newsletter.
  • Slippery Rock University created a social-media based campus-wide contest.
  • The University of North Alabama held a Midterm Coffee Break to give away a morning coffee and treats. "It was a big success," shared Chapter President Stephanie Montgomery.
  • Eastern Kentucky University set up a table at a campus event. They offered a photo booth and Tweeted out students’ pictures. Andrew Stofleth shared, “We had a flyers with a QR code to our Twitter site, so the students could go and find their picture on our Twitter page.”

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Photo provided by Stephanie Montgomery - Student Vice President Chandler Mordecai, left, and Dr. Butler Cain greet students at University of North Alabama during Chapter 132's Midterm Coffee Break.