Cure Your Wanderlust with Collette and Save

Jamie Chapman
Oct 11, 2023

Let your heart wander to the coolest place on earth with Collette, a guided travel pioneer who has taken travelers across the globe for the last 100 years. Their tours help you get the most out of any adventure, with itineraries designed to take you to iconic locales and show you hidden gems.

Phi Kappa Phi members can save up to $600 per person when they book a Collette tour, plus an additional $50-$100 per person with offer code SOCIETYSAVE. Visit to browse all tours, request more information and make reservations.

Experience an unparalleled journey through the cultural diversity and abundant wildlife of southern Africa. Follow the allure of the Nile, uncover complex legends, and retrace the steps of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Travel Portugal’s dramatic shoreline, meandering cobblestone streets, ocean front promenades and quaint bays.

As the longest-running tour operator in North America, Collette offers over 160 tours to all seven continents with five distinct travel styles to show you the world. From the allure of Paris to whale watching in Iceland, Collette can help you make memories that will last a lifetime!