Link Community: Build Your Network

Jamie Chapman
Feb 15, 2023

Link is the Society's members-only online community that allows members to query one another, post rich discussions, and connect from around the world in a safe, professional environment. Members can also upload and share valuable resources, search for members in their area, and more. 

Community Discussions 

Five forums are filled with discussion on every topic under the sun. From advice in the Career Corner to science discussions in the STEM Lab to author networking in The Writer's Block, members can share ideas and answer each other’s questions. Head over to the community to see all the latest discussions. 

Member Directory 

Members can look up another with an advanced search that allows searching based on name, location, chapter, and community membership. Once located, members can view each other’s profiles, add each other as contacts, and direct message privately. 

Expert Directory 

This searchable database is designed to help members connect with potential speakers, authors, and other authorities across all disciplines and topics.  

If you are an expert in your field, we invite you to set up your expert profile so that you will appear in the Expert Directory search. Click here to access a simple three-step guide to get started.  

Should you run into any issues navigating the community, check out all the helpful step-by-step guides in the How-To Guides section of Link. They include screenshots covering everything from uploading your profile photo to posting a message. 

We look forward to seeing you around the community soon!