Our Top Tips to Make Your Award Application Shine

Marla Elsea
Jan 18, 2022

Are you ready to apply for your share of the more than $1 million Phi Kappa Phi's awards program distributes to students and professionals each year? Make sure you're ready to submit the best application possible to come out on top. From a $500 Love of Learning Award to a $35,000 Fellowship, choose the award that is right for you and follow these steps to ensure success.

Make Sure You Are Eligible – After deciding which award suits your needs, carefully read through the eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify. If the award you're applying for is only available to active Society members, click here to log in and verify that your membership is current.

Take Advantage of Our Resources – At the bottom of each award page you'll find helpful resources to look over before applying. Check the FAQ and supporting documents for additional advice specific to each award. You can also see past award recipients including bios, summaries and even examples of winning applications.

Find Help on Your Campus – Many campuses have scholarship offices that can provide support through the application process. Your local Phi Kappa Phi officers are also a great resource. You can reach out to your chapter's officers to help with your submission even if you are no longer on campus.

It's OK to Brag – Each applicant is unique, and our awards committees want to know what makes you special. Share your own story, passions and goals, as well as the successes you've already achieved. Don't forget to look to the future, too. What do you hope this award will help you accomplish? We want to know!

Carefully Choose Endorsements – Letters of recommendation are vitally important so choose your mentors wisely. Keep them fully informed on what you are applying for and what information they will need to share. Connect with them early and check in regularly to make sure their letters get submitted on time.

Watch For Deadlines – Each award has its own deadline so double check to stay on track. If you are applying for a Fellowship, your local chapter will have its own deadline for receiving submissions before they choose which one to submit to the national competition. Click here to get contact information for your chapter to determine their Fellowship deadline.

Click here to learn about all of our awards and get started today. Questions? Contact Kelli Partin, awards manager, at or 800-804-9880, ext. 221.