Share Your "I Made It!" Moment

Marla Elsea
Feb 18, 2021

Do you remember a magical moment when you realized you'd finally made it? Maybe that moment hasn't happened yet but you can imagine what it will be like. In our exclusive, member-only community Link, Danielle Enriquez, a senior at University of Texas at El Paso, asked other members, "What was your 'I made it moment' or how do you envision it will be?" Several members were eager to join the conversation and add their own.

Tamara Costello (Middle Tennessee State University) – I started my academic journey many years ago and had to stop due to some life circumstances including becoming a mom. Determined not to let any obstacle be an excuse, I now have a son in college. He and I go to the same school, and I am finally completing my first degree at age 49. That will be my first real "I made it." Once my master's is completed, that will be my final "I made it moment!"

Flora Jones (The University of Mississippi) – Getting my master's is definitely my "I made it" moment. I graduated high school and went directly into college. I think I completed one semester and got sick during my second one and had to sit out. Almost 10 years later and a child, I returned to school and graduated with my first degree in 2002. I was blessed to finish my [second bachelor's] degree in 2017 alongside one of my daughters by marriage. I will graduate with my master's in the spring of 2021.

Cassiopeia Fletcher (Brigham Young University) – Mine has to be when I got the email from my publisher with the link to my Amazon page with my first book listed – book summary, professional cover, and all. I can't imagine a more "I Made it Moment" than that.

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