Phi Kappa Phi's Forum Magazine Wins Special National Award for its Content

Phi Kappa Phi staff
Oct 20, 2020

For the fourth time this year, Phi Kappa Phi’s Forum magazine has been recognized with a national award for its content.

During its annual meeting, which was held online this year because of pandemic restrictions, Association Media & Publishing gave Forum AM&P’s highest honor, an EXTRA! award, for a feature in its Spring 2019 issue, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Krakow,” written by Nancy Lusignan Schultz.

Based in Washington, D.C., AM&P represents print and digital publications for nonprofits across the country. Earlier this year, Forum received three AM&P EXCEL Awards, which annually recognize excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing and communications.

The EXTRA award, Forum’s latest honor, is chosen from among all among all the year’s Excel award recipients to recognize any winning entries that took bold chances and successfully innovated an association media product.

It’s AM&P’s top honor, and Forum was the only magazine to secure an EXTRA award for 2020. “EXTRA award winners represent the pioneers in our field, and we applaud their leadership,” AM&P noted in announcing the prize for Forum. “There was a particularly impressive field of EXCEL award winners this year, and a committee of industry leaders agreed that 'Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Krakow' was distinguished beyond all other entries.”

Schultz is a professor of English at Salem State University, where she was inducted as a Society member. In her essay, she explores her experience teaching Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic 1852 novel about the dire consequences of slavery, to students at her home campus in Salem as well as in Krakow, Poland. “Teaching Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Krakow made me confront this history of American slavery in a deeper way,” Schultz wrote. Click here to read Schultz’s essay.

Schultz’s article was guided to publication by Forum’s previous editor, Beth Colvin, who also oversaw the 2019 content recognized in the magazine’s other AM&P awards this year.

“I’m delighted by this recognition of Beth’s creative leadership and Dr. Schultz’s wonderful essay,” said Danny Heitman, who succeeded Colvin as editor in January. “We look forward to extending Beth’s work in bringing quality content to the Society’s readers. This year has brought renewed debate about the implications of race in national life. Articles like Dr. Schultz’s essay can be an important part of that discussion.”

An extensive archive of Forum's content, including its latest issue, is available at this link.

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