Member Tips: Learning a New Language

Apr 22, 2020
April 22 – Member Tips Learning a New Language

Are you thinking about learning a new language? Do you already know a couple but want to add to your repertoire? Maybe you’re wrapping up your foreign language class online and could use a little boost. Whatever the case, these tips plus a 20% language learning discount from Society partner Fluenz can help.

Determine Your Style – Start by figuring out how you learn best. Whether you’re a visual learner or need to hear things to have them stick, finding out what works best for you is key. Phi Kappa Phi member Jessica Martin suggests you get creative with your learning. “Create a jeopardy game. Use visual cues. Draw a picture and describe it. Use traditional flashcards with colors. Write a song or story. Record your voice and listen to it on repeat. For me, the best way to study was to teach others,” she said.

Practice What You Love – You’ll find you learn faster if you insert the subject into your daily life. Incorporating a new language into the things you love will encourage you to practice more. Kebron Assefa, who has learned three languages, offers ideas for making your hobbies multi-lingual. “It can be through recipes if you like cooking, or through movies or books. This way, you enjoy learning the language and it makes it less of a task,” Assefa said.

Immerse Yourself – Do you want to take on the ultimate challenge? Many agree that immersing yourself in the culture and country of the language is the best and fastest way to learn. While some are able to take advantage of travel or study abroad programs, online groups and programs can also build skills quickly and effectively.

Learn with Fluenz – Founded in 2007, Fluenz offers interactive software for Spanish (Latin American), French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish (Spain). Their programs – available on CD, mobile apps and online – blend interactive material with English-speaking tutors and offer a better alternative for mastering languages’ structures. Plus Phi Kappa Phi members can save 20% on any Fluenz purchase with promo code PKPOFFER20 at

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