The 411 on Merit

Mar 23, 2020

Throughout March we’ve been promoting Merit, an online platform we use to publicize the many achievements of our members. But you may be wondering how exactly does it work?

  1. You accomplish something great such as being initiated into the Society, receiving a Phi Kappa Phi award or being elected as a chapter officer.
  2. The Society national office creates a personalized story tailored specifically to you and your achievement.
  3. You receive an email from with instructions on how to claim your very own Merit profile. See a sample profile here.
  4. Your local newspapers and government officials also receive a copy of the personalized story in the form of a press release.
  5. You brag about your accomplishments by sharing the posts on social media.
  6. You customize your Merit profile with a photo, additional achievements, activities and work experience. Consider it a virtual résumé! 
  7. You continue to accomplish great things and receive additional Phi Kappa Phi-branded badges. See examples of the different badges here.  

If you haven’t claimed your Merit profile yet, do so today! To learn more about the program including how to request a Merit page, click here

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