Phi Kappa Phi Celebrates National Mentoring Month

Jan 6, 2020

As a Phi Kappa Phi member, you’ve made great achievements in your academic career. When you look back over your journey, who comes to mind? Was it a science or math teacher who encouraged you to work hard? Was it a professor or faculty member who empowered you to pursue your dream? Most likely, you were lucky enough to have a mentor who inspired and challenged you to be where you are today. 

January marks the 19th annual National Mentoring Month—a month dedicated to celebrating mentors and encouraging the public to become involved.

This impact is evident in research that shows when matched through a quality mentoring program, mentors can play a powerful role in providing students with the tools to stay focused and engaged in school. According to The National Mentoring Partnership, young adults who have mentors are 55% more likely to enroll in college.

Join us throughout January as we celebrate the benefits of mentoring as well as the mentors who make a difference in students’ lives each day. 

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