Phi Kappa Phi Members Reach Great Heights—In Space!

Jul 19, 2019

Phi Kappa Phi has a history of members reaching great heights. As the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing approaches, the Society is highlighting those who took the challenge literally and soared into space as NASA astronauts.

James Alton McDivitt, who was initiated at University of Michigan in 1959, was the first Society member to venture into space in 1965 when he was the command pilot for Gemini 4.

Today, Phi Kappa Phi member Christina Koch is aboard the International Space Station, and Space Shuttle crew member Wendy Lawrence is serving on the Phi Kappa Phi Foundation Board of Trustees.

Watch for the fall edition of the Forum magazine to read a profile of Anne McClain who recently returned to Earth from her time spent as part of Expedition 58 and 59 aboard the ISS.

The 30 Society members who’ve served as NASA astronauts over the past five decades are:

  • Loren Wilber Acton – Montana State University
  • Thomas D. Akers – Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • James P. Bagian – Drexel University
  • Stephen G. Bowen – United States Naval Academy
  • Daniel C. Brandenstein – University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • Gregory E. Chamitoff – Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Michael R. Clifford – United States Military Academy
  • Samuel T. Durrance – California State University, Los Angeles
  • Martin J. Fettman – Cornell University
  • Michael E. Fossum – University of Houston-Clear Lake
  • Bernard A. Harris, Jr. – University of Minnesota
  • Charles O. Hobaugh – United States Naval Academy
  • Brent W. Jett – United States Naval Academy
  • Christina Hammock Koch – North Carolina State University
  • Tim Kopra – United States Military Academy
  • Wendy Lawrence – United States Naval Academy
  • Don Leslie Lind – University of Utah
  • Jerry Linenger – United State Naval Academy
  • Paul Lockhart – Texas Tech University
  • Nicole A. Mann – United States Naval Academy
  • William S. McArthur – United States Military Academy
  • Anne McClain – United States Military Academy
  • William C. McCool – United States Naval Academy
  • James Alton McDivitt, University of Michigan
  • Carl J. Meade – University of Texas at Austin
  • Ronald A. Parise – Youngstown State University
  • Donald Peterson – United States Military Academy
  • Steven R. Swanson – Florida Atlantic University
  • Norman E. Thagard – Florida State University
  • Janice E. Voss – Purdue University