Network with Your Phi Kappa Phi Colleagues

Jamie Chapman
Mar 25, 2019

link-2The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi has a global network of more than 110,000 active members—including great minds in science, government, law, the military, education, business, sports, literature, the arts and just about every other field imaginable—and we know the value our members put on networking, which is why we provide members an environment to connect and engage in real time. The Society’s online community is a secure platform that requires a member login and provides an avenue for members to network.

What is Link?
Link is a community forum where active members can share ideas, discuss hot topics, post questions, search for and connect with other members, and more. The community offers focused discussion boards, an interactive member directory, an Expert Directory, topic-specific resource libraries and more.

What type of communities are available?
There are several communities available to join including the Career Corner, STEM Lab, Writer’s Block and The Quad. There’s even a private community reserved for active chapter officers to connect and share chapter management strategies, experiences and advice.

Click here to join the communities that interest you and start participating today!

Do you have new community ideas? If so, we want to hear from you! Please post your ideas here or email Jamie Chapman at to share your ideas.

How do I get started?
Visit the community at The login credentials for the community are the same login credentials used to log in to the Phi Kappa Phi website. If you need assistance with your login credentials, email

Ready to connect?
Follow these five simple steps to get started:

1. Sign in and accept the Community Rules & Etiquette and Privacy Guidelines.
2. Upload your profile photo.
3. Join the Announcements Community, selecting the Daily Digest option.
4. Reply to one recent discussion post.
5. Share why you joined Phi Kappa Phi.

Be sure to check out all of the step-by-step guides in the How-To Guides section of the community. These guides include screenshots and walk you through everything from uploading a photo to joining a community to posting a message in the community.

Network on the go!
Members can access Link anytime and anywhere with the Link mobile app. Click here to download the app for free today!

Visit for additional information including frequently asked questions, downloadable resources and more.

Link is available to active members only. Not active? Renew your membership today!

Questions? Contact Jamie Chapman at or 1.800.804.9880, extension 217, with all of your member benefit inquiries.