Chapter Update – November 2018

Kay White
Nov 28, 2018

Student VP Chandler Mordecai and Dr. Butler CainThe Phi Kappa Phi chapter at the University of North Alabama recently held an event that had a wonderful impact on the campus community – a Midterm Coffee Break. It gave the students and faculty a moment to stop, take a break, and talk a little about what Phi Kappa Phi is all about!

Stephanie Montgomery, chapter president, had the student vice presidents take the lead in organizing a “Morning Coffee with Phi Kappa Phi” event during midterm week.

During the event, the chapter gave away a free cup of coffee and a sweet treat. The cup of coffee was not in a disposable cup, but rather in a ceramic mug, personalized for the chapter by an online store.

Stephanie ordered 75 mugs in with the Phi Kappa Phi logo in black and white. On the back of the mugs she personalized it by adding “University of North Alabama, Chapter 132 est. 1971”. A promotional poster had been created for the first time the event was held, and she used it again this time around. 

Stephanie says, “It was a big success – they had about 40 or so individuals stop for coffee and a cookie. Best of all, all attendees seemed to be very appreciative! It went over really well. We were set up outside, and caught people as they were heading to class. Some students initially said they didn’t want coffee, until we told them we had a free mug! We advertised it to our members, but we gave away coffee, treats, and a mug to anyone who wanted one.”

It is great to hear about gatherings like these! Of course, they take time to plan and execute, but the visibility for the chapter on campus is well worth it. In my opinion, this is one that is a good potential “Welcome Back” event for the fall. 

If you have any events you would like to share, please contact me at

Photos provided by Stephanie Montgomery - Student Vice President Chandler Mordecai, left, and Dr. Butler Cain greet students at University of North Alabama during Chapter 132's Midterm Coffee Break.

Phi Kappa Phi mug double