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Are you a recent graduate starting the job search? Are you considering a career change? Is your career in a slump? Struggling or striving, this is the podcast for you.

You’ll hear advice from the team at, including the award-winning, nationally-recognized career expert – Tamara Dowling. Online since 2000, has helped thousands of individuals worldwide. If you are seeking career success, click below.

The Seeking Success podcast series delivers current resume, LinkedIn profile, and job interviewing advice in a quick format.

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Available Podcasts

What is a Hiring Manager Thinking
Do you ever wonder what a hiring manager is thinking when they review resumes? Do you wish you could get inside their head? In this episode we talk about how to think like a hiring manager when preparing your new resume.

The Resume Writing Process Starts with a Goal
When you try to be something to everyone, you are less likely to be the ideal candidate for anyone. That is why your resume should be focused on a goal. In this episode we talk about writing a resume aligned with your goal.

Showcasing Your Communication Skills
Demonstrating your ability to communicate well will enhance your odds of landing an interview. It is not enough to simply write, “Excellent communication skills,” on your resume. It's better to share actual examples of your skills in action. In this episode we share dozens of accomplishment examples related to communication skills.

Resume Advice that You Can't Take to the Bank
Today we are delving into several ill-advised resume strategies that you can't take to the bank. Don't worry because we're also sharing solid advice based on proven job search principles. 

An Effective Elevator Pitch
Looking for advice on developing an elevator pitch? This episode covers writing an effective pitch. We also talk about resume page length and how to find a contact name for your cover letter.

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