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meritTo celebrate and recognize the achievements of its members, Phi Kappa Phi uses a program known as Merit. This program allows us to create and publish personalized stories about members’ achievements such as being initiated into the Society, receiving a Phi Kappa Phi award, becoming a chapter officer and more. 

When a story is created, it will be posted to the Phi Kappa Phi Merit page and distributed to the member’s hometown newspaper(s). In addition, a customizable online Merit profile will be created for the member to easily share his or her achievement with family and friends on social media. 

Each story includes a Phi Kappa Phi-branded badge representing a specific achievement. Consider it a virtual trophy! Members can enhance their online Merit profiles by adding a photo, other activities, achievements, work experience and affiliations. Merit profiles provide a positive, professional online listing of accomplishments for members to share with prospective employers.

Check out Phi Kappa Phi's Merit page to see the latest member achievements. 

How does it work?

When a new member is initiated, Phi Kappa Phi creates a personalized story and Merit profile for the member. (See a sample profile.) The story is then also sent to the member’s hometown newspaper(s).

Why is Merit important?

Merit creates a professional and powerful online profile that showcases success and achievements. These profiles can be beneficial when applying for an internship, job, scholarship or graduate school. In addition, Merit provides an easy way to share these accomplishments with family and friends through social media.

How do I access my Merit profile?

After you are initiated, you will receive an email from providing instructions on how to access and update your Merit profile. If you haven't received an email, click here and search for your name. Once you locate your page, click on the "Is this you?" link and enter your email address to claim your Merit profile.

What if I never received the email for my Merit profile?

If you were initiated prior to the implementation of Merit (March 2013) or you originally opted out of Merit, email with your name, member ID number and ZIP code to request a Merit profile.

What newspapers will receive the stories?

All stories are distributed to the local newspaper(s) associated with the ZIP code in each member’s Phi Kappa Phi profile. To see what ZIP code is listed on your profile or to update your ZIP code, log in to and select “My Profile” located at the top of the page.

Will the stories be published in the newspaper?

Each story is distributed to local newspapers as a press release. Whether or not the story is published by the newspaper is strictly at the discretion of each newspaper, not Phi Kappa Phi. We provide as much information and details to ensure each story is viewed as newsworthy, but cannot guarantee that the story will be published.

How can I opt out of Merit?

A member can opt out of Merit at any time. To do so, follow these simple steps or email your request to

Merit is a great way of letting other Phi Kappa Phi members—and potential employers—know what makes you stand out! I'm glad I get to share my activities and interests with other members so easily."


  Allison Epstein

  University of Michigan

A Merit page is a résumé that builds itself. Details included on Merit profiles include:


Education Background


Awards and Honors


Activities and Affiliations


Work Experience



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