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Network with other Phi Kappa Phi members through our global network of 100,000+ members - including great minds in science and medicine, government, law and the military, education and business, sports, literature, and the arts…and just about every other field imaginable!

Link by The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

Link is Phi Kappa Phi's exclusive members-only community where you can share ideas, discuss hot topics, post questions, search for and connect with other members, and much more! To start Linking with your Phi Kappa Phi peers visit!

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Social Media 

Join the conversation by visiting Phi Kappa Phi’s Social Media Directory where you'll find links to national and chapter Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Flickr pages. Whether you are looking to read the latest news, see photos of Phi Kappa Phi happenings, network with other members or stay up-to-date on chapter events, Phi Kappa Phi social media is the place to be. Connect with us today and join the conversation!

Mentor Match coming soon...

The Mentor Match module will bring together long-term, accomplished members with student- and young professional-members within Link to establish a professional relationship. 

Members will have the ability to:

  • Set up a mentor/mentee profile to be added to the mentoring directory within Link
  • Search for industry specific demographics and initiate a mentor or mentee request
  • Receive an email when an appropriate mentor/mentee match is found
  • Accept the mentor/mentee request, and automatically become removed from mentor/mentee pool


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