Council of Students

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About Phi Kappa Phi

2016-2018 Council of Students


Elyse Davis
University of Missouri–Kansas City
Pursuing an M.A. in Sociology

Why did you apply for the Council of Students? I've really enjoyed my position as student vice president at the chapter, but I wanted to get more involved with the organization and find ways to make better connections with other chapters. I felt that the position might allow me to not only strengthen my chapter, but would allow me to try and build connections nationally. 


Matthew Leverich
Nazareth College
Pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry and Philosophy

Why did you apply for the Council of Students? I applied for the Council because of Phi Kappa Phi's storied history and presence in the scholarly community. Furthermore, I wanted to serve as an ambassador for the students and seek to keep them involved in the activities of the Society.


Amreen Mughal
North Dakota State University
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Why did you apply for the Council of Students? The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi has given me numerous opportunities to expand my horizons outside the academic setting and get engaged in the community services. I wanted to extend my role to this organization.


Ana Lu Ramirez
Texas A&M International University
Pursuing an M.A. in Organizational Communication

Why did you apply for the Council of Students? I applied for this position because I want to help chapters across the country, including mine, grow and do creative events to promote our honor society. As a council member I will serve as a guide to accomplish these and other goals and tasks.


Brandon T. Schmidt
Cameron University
Pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry

Why did you apply for the Council of Students? I applied because Phi Kappa Phi, and what it represents, seems to fit me like a glove, and I knew that I wanted to play a bigger part within the Society other than just being a member. I also applied so I could bring back ideas to my university to strengthen our chapter. 

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