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Poetry Submissions Wanted 

The Phi Kappa Phi Forum welcomes submissions of original, previously unpublished poetry that fits the theme of each edition. Submissions must be under 40 lines and are currently being accepted for the following editions.

For winter 2018, the theme is stories. The submission deadline is Sept. 17.

For spring 2019, the theme is intelligence. Submissions are open. The deadline is to be announced.

For summer 2019, the theme is conflict. Submissions are open. The deadline is to be announced.

Poems will be selected to appear in the print version of the magazine, though others may appear online. Selected poets will receive five free copies of the Forum in which their verse appears. Previous winners must wait one year before entering again. 

To send in a poem, click the button below and complete the submission form. You will be asked to include the poem as a .doc or .docx file.

Submit Poem

NOTE: Because of publishing constraints, line breaks may not be able to be preserved. While we try our best, we may have to break a line. In such cases, the line will be indented at the break and followed by a return for clarification.

Questions? Email poetry@phikappaphi.org.

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