Online Extras Spring 2017

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The following online extras accompany the print version of the spring 2017 edition of the ​Forum​, the theme of which is Earth.

"A Sacred Bond" by Anthony Moretti

Asad, Muhammad (2003). The Message of the Qur'an. Bristol, UK: The Book Foundation. Catholic Biblical Association (1987). The New American Bible with Revised New Testament and

Revised Psalms. Nashville, TN: Catholic Bible Press.

Hawkins,  Derek. Police  Defend  Use of Water Cannons on  Dakota  Access Protesters in  Freezing Weather. https://www.wc;­ mix/wp/2Q16/11f2_1/police-citing-ongoiog-riot-use-water-cannons-on-da.kota-access-protesters­ in-freezing-weather/. (Retrieved   29  Nov 2016).

Mayer, Robinson. The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline.

htt p_://www.t heat lantk ._co m/te log y/arc_hive /2016/ 09/dapl-da kot a-sitt ing-ro ck­ sioux/499178/ (Retrieved 29 Nov 2016) (Retrieved 3 Dec 2016)

"Spaceship Earth" by Wendy Lawrence

1Bob Granath, “Astronaut Photography from Space Helped ‘Discover the Earth’,” NASA website, April 22, 2016, (accessed April 22, 2016).

"Route Recalculation: Navigating Where We Are, Where We're Going, and What We've Missed Along the Way" by Ron Shaklee

[1] Simon, Paul, 1972, “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard,” Paul Simon, Columbia Records.

[1] Simon. Paul, 1966, “Homeward Bound,” 1966, Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, Columbia Records. 

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