GS Level Upgrade for Federal Employees

Jamie Chapman
Dec 12, 2019

December 12 - GS Level UpgradeAccording to the Office of Personnel Management, Phi Kappa Phi members may be eligible for a GS Level Upgrade under the Superior Academic Achievement qualification. 

The General Schedule Qualifications Policies (Section 4. f. 3.) state that election to membership in a national scholastic honor society may qualify federal employees for a GS level upgrade. Other provisions and requirements are based on class standing and grade point average and may translate to a higher level of pay. 

It’s important to note that applicants can be considered eligible based on membership in a national honor society that meets the minimum requirements of the Association of College Honor Societies. Phi Kappa Phi does meet the minimum requirements of the ACHS, and our members do qualify for the upgrade.

Please keep in mind, the GS level upgrade benefit is not managed by Phi Kappa Phi—it is a federal policy applying to individuals who can prove membership in the Society. All final decisions regarding GS level and step increases are determined by the federal employer or prospective employer. Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the human resources department within the agency of employment.

For more information, review the General Schedule Qualification Policies necessary to be eligible for the upgrade.

Questions? Contact Jamie Chapman, membership director, at or 800-804-9880, ext. 217.