Phi Kappa Phi Celebrates National Literacy Month

Sep 4, 2019

phi kappa phi literacy supportSeptember is National Literacy Month, and Sunday, Sept. 8 marks this year’s celebration of International Literacy Day. The annual, worldwide event aims to remind the public of the importance of literacy and to work toward a more literate society. Each year, the event brings together communities, organizations, educators and students to raise awareness for literacy and its importance as a foundation for lifelong learning.

International Literacy Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization as a way to promote awareness about and find solutions for illiteracy. Since its creation in 1966, the day has been celebrated internationally each year.

Because more than 750 million adults worldwide remain illiterate, the day is an opportunity to highlight literacy rates and reflect on literacy challenges. Phi Kappa Phi will extend the celebration beyond International Literacy day and devote the entire month to literacy awareness.

Want to join us in our month-long celebration?

We look forward to celebrating literacy and our love of learning all month long, and we hope you’ll join us!