Oh, the Places You've Been!

Aug 15, 2019

At the beginning of summer, we asked members to share their travel experiences with us. As summer comes to a close, we take a look at some of the adventures you shared on your journeys around the world.

One of our Study Abroad grant recipients, Katie Daniels, headed to the oldest university in Scotland – The University of St. Andrews. While there, Daniels completed a series of traditional music videos and chronicled her experience to share with others on her website,

Bourgeois Emma 4 400x300
Emma Bourgeois traveled to England during her time spent wandering the globe. She visited Bath, Dartmoor Restormel Castle and more. This smiling shot was captured during a stop at Stonehenge.

Marissa2 400x300
Marissa Rollins spent time with friends in South Korea. She noted that they share many similarities with America despite the cultural differences. “The food was flavorful, yet much healthier than much American cuisine,” Rollins noted, and she enjoyed “being submerged in the culture with people who are just delightful to be around.”
Fletcher Audrey 400x300
Another Study Abroad grant recipient, Audrey Fletcher, headed to Hungary to learn about the mathematical and cultural traditions of the country. Though it was her first trip outside of the U.S., Fletcher loves to travel. “It reminds me how much good is in the world and motivates me to be a better person,” she said.
Wright Avery 400x300
Avery Wright studied music and culture in Vienna, Austria, as a Study Abroad grant recipient. “We visited stunning attractions, read intriguing articles, and participated in thought-provoking discussions,” shared Wright. “These experiences were life-changing.” 

As Daniels shared on her website, “The world is a big place. You can’t see all of it.” But it’s certainly fun to try.

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