Read it Forward: 5 Ways to Promote Literacy

Sep 15, 2016

celebrate-lit-mthIn honor of National Literacy Month, check out the ways you can promote literacy both on campus and in your community. 

Host an event.
One of the best ways to promote literacy is to host an event in your local community. There are a number of events that you or your chapter can host such as an informational booth, public forum on illiteracy, tutoring program, book drive, monthly read-alouds and more. Whatever you choose, consider making it an annual event each year during National Literacy Month.

Spread the word.
Use fliers, posters, bookmarks, brochures and other printed materials to celebrate literacy. You can also create informational packets combining many of these printed materials to be distributed at events. Consider running a PSA or campus newspaper ad for an upcoming chapter event. Social media is another great way to spread the word while encouraging others to do the same.

Give a gift.
Clean off your bookshelf and donate books to a local library, school or organization in your community. Or, host an event to raise funds to make a monetary donation to a local organization that supports and promotes literacy in your community. 

Apply for a Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grant.
Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grants are available to help you champion new or ongoing literacy initiatives. The grants of up to $2,500 are available each year for chapters and individual members. Learn more about the program here and watch these podcasts created by past winner Dr. Paulette Harris (Part 1 and Part 2) for tips on a successful application

Look beyond September.
Even though National Literacy Month is one month of the year, make it a priority to do something—big or small—to encourage literacy on campus and in your community throughout the entire year. For example, consider participating in Phi Kappa Phi’s Annual Book Drive Competition. The competition, open to all chapters, kicks off in February of each year.

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